Shadows of Boston

Session 1 - Lucas Part 2

"Blood on the Dance Floor"

“Oklahoma” I never thought I would hear those words coming from him but there I stood in the lounge gripped with terror. Simon was hungry and this was not the first time he missed a meal. Thankfully, the club provides. We went through the standard blood in goblet fancy shmancy deal but then Simon said he wanted to be alone. So I close the door go back to the little bar we have downstairs to appease our Deava clientele who still like to enjoy the things they miss from life. Then I see Simon crack his door open I rush over to see if he needs anything and that’s when it happened. “Oklahoma” Its the safe word we use at the club when someone gets a bit out of control and with that I slammed the door closed and use my master key to bolt the outside lock Simon of all people had just lost his cool. Trying to maintain my cool I flag a couple of the young vamps I hired in case things get rough to watch the door and headed to Mr. Rosa’s room as the eldest Vampire in the place at the time I needed him in case Simon got out of the room and from the way the door was starting to splinter it would be to long.



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