Ancel Maclaine


Name: Ancel Maclaine
Concept: Egotistical Seneschal
Chronicle: Shadows of Boston

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride
Covenant: Invictus

Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Deucalion
Title: Seneschal


As the Seneschal, Ancel is the Prince’s right-hand man, the second in command. Not because he and Isaac are particularly close, rather, he has experience; Ancel has held this position for the prior two regimes. He understands how to keep things running smoothly, and his keen attention to detail makes him exceptionally good at his job.

Like many other members of his bloodline, the Deucalion, Ancel believes that he can do no wrong. Arrogant and proper, he is the (un)living embodiment of the Ventrue stereotype. However, his scorn is solely reserved for those far below his station. Mortal pawns and ghouls often bear the brunt of his ire. Wisely, he tends to avoid lashing out at the Gangrel, as the Prince is somewhat protective of his fellow clanmates.

He owes his lasting power to the fact that he will readily jump ship when he sees that the political tides are changing. If the man had a motto, it would surely be “My side is the one that’s winning.”

Ancel Maclaine

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