Andrew Wheeler


Name: Andrew Wheeler
Player: Bill
Chronicle: Shadows of Boston

Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Pride
Concept: Dealer of Secrets

Bloodline: Lynx
Covenant: Invictus
Title: None
Intelligence: •••••
Wits: •••
Resolve: ••
Dexterity: •••
Stamina: ••
Presence: ••
Manipulation: •••
Composure: ••
Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics___________ ••••o
Investigation_________ ••••o
Occult______________ oooo
Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics_________ ooooo
Larceny_________ ooooo
Stealth_______________ ••••o
Survival_________ ooooo
Weaponry________ ooooo
Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken______ooooo
Expression______ ooooo
Intimidation_____ ooooo
Persuasion_________ oooo
Socialize_______ ooooo
Auspex ••
Celerity ••
Obfuscate •••


Contacts (Kindred) ••••
Contacts (street)
Eidetic Memory ••
Haven (x4)
Haven (x1) ••
Resources •••
Retainer •••



Blood Potency



Okay consider me in a talkative mood tonight sit down and you can finally hear what you’ve been prying so hard about. What is there to tell you about me, I’m much like every other kindred. I had a good life, Funny how weird it is saying that aloud. My intelligence has always been one of my greatest tools, It got me a very well paying job high up the corporate ladder, A fancy house, a nice car and of course a young wife. But that was then and as you can see I’m applying it to other things now. You see my wonderfully sharp young mind started putting numbers together working those late nights and I stumbled across my Sire’s private holdings. Seeing potential in what I could do he came to me with a choice, THE Choice. Standing there in his office racking my thoughts over and over again I couldn’t turn all that power down and there amongst his partners I was brought into the web. Years flew off the calender as I was taught and learned all of what I am capable of and after serving my sire He granted me leave to go and “Spread my wings!” as he like to say. Plucking at my newly formed web I was lead to Boston and after a number of years I was a part of a rebellion as a bold new prince rose to power and here we are….What about my life you say? Well that’s a is a bit ….Bittersweet. For all I had gained I lost as well. I couldn’t continue being the person I was my friends and coworkers would notice my sudden disappearance during the daylight hours and my new habits of not breathing and lacking a pulse. You can say I’m cold-hearted for this next bit and you’d be right I went home before my sire embraced me and broke my sweet young wife’s heart I told her I did not love her anymore walked out the door I gave her the house and car. Sold all of my shares in the company I had worked so hard to rise to the top in and from that point I never looked back, The man that I was to the world was dead. You can sneer its quite alright but remember I’m going to pose this offer to you someday and your going to have to throw away all that you loved as well.

Andrew Wheeler

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