Julian Dalton


Name: Julian Dalton
Concept: Merciless Sheriff
Chronicle: Shadows of Boston

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust
Covenant: Invictus

Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Geheim
Title: Sheriff


All Kindred possess some degree of grace and of cruelty, but few display them as profusely (or in such stark contrast) as Julian Dalton. Charming and polite, he is a consummate socialite and the epitome of Ventrue nobility. However, underneath his famously affable demeanor lies a tempest of dark desires and pure depravity.

Julian has only recently come into his position, replacing the former Sheriff during the “changing of the guard”. He has proven quite capable, albeit overzealous, in performing his duties. Unlike his predecessor, who had mastered the art of Auspex, Julian relies on old-fashioned methods to retrieve the information he seeks. Not because telepathy is beyond his reach, but because he genuinely enjoys the opportunity to indulge in his sadistic tendencies.

Those who know him in passing, and those who have never been subjected to his intense scrutiny, often wonder how he can maintain an office as traditionally intimidating as the Sheriff. After all, most who hold the position are either physically imposing or openly vicious enough to be feared. But for the unfortunate Kindred who have something to hide, they will soon find out exactly why Julian is the one man who should never be crossed.

Julian Dalton

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