Victor Weiss


Name: Victor Weiss
Player: CJ
Concept: Honorable soldier

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride
Covenant: Invictus

Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: Bruja
Title: Knight
Intelligence: ••
Wits: •••
Resolve: ••
Strength: ••••
Dexterity: ••
Stamina: •••
Presence: ••
Manipulation: ••
Composure: ••
Mental (-3 unskilled)
Crafts _________ ooooo
Occult______________ ••ooo
Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics ____________oooo
Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken______ooooo
Socialize _______ooooo
Streetwise ______ooooo
Nightmare ••
Obfuscate ••
Vigor ••

Adrian McGilroy


Fighting Style (Langschwert) ••
Giant ••••
Haven ••
Retainer •••
Status (clan) ••
Status (covenant) ••



Blood Potency



How long has it been since I reflected on the past before the embrace? Two, maybe even five years. Hmm, it’s so hard to remember. It’s been so long since I tried to remember a time when I breathed and walked the day. I guess the best way to remember is to start from where it began.

I was born in 1900, the turn of the century and during what people would come to call ‘the Progressive Era’. So many things were being build and invented everyday, however, none of these concern me for I was but a child at the time. Let us skip forward twenty years or so to New York, 1920. Ah, now this is when things begin to become crystal to me. The Roaring Twenties, my prime, my time. The war had come to an end just as I had come to an age where I may join the military. At the time I thought of my appearance more then anything else, I guess you could say I was quite vain and I was worried the war might ruin me in some way, but I lucked out and dodged that bullet. So as time went by, in the coming years music, art, and industry were on the rise, and I was ready to try it all. I worked in the factories, I admired the pieces in the museums, and I danced in the clubs till I could no longer feel my legs. My life was grand, surrounded by culture and most importantly women. Hehe, I remember my love for the ladies would sometimes end up getting me into some hot water, but lucky I knew how to handle myself in a scrap. Back then, despite my good looks I was a experienced fighter. You had to be tough to survive back then. And it was around that time he appeared.

I don’t know how he knew me. Maybe he saw me in the club one night, maybe he saw me in one of my many fights, ether way when he approached me the first time all he said was, “You could be so much more.” And when I looked at this man obscured by his large coat, I turned and walked away. It wasn’t till a week later after a late night brawl with another fellow that I saw him again, he turned to me and said, “You may have won, but your technique is disgraceful.” Now I will admit that back then I had a bit of a short fuse, perhaps I still do. None the less, as soon as he finished that statement I swung on him and felt has my fist hit what felt like a mix between soft rubber and a brick wall. With just one out stretched hand he had stop my fist cold, astonished I looked at him and he said to me, “If you wish to become something truly better then you are, then follow me.” I was confused, and yet, I felt compelled to follow him and see what he meant be all of this. And so that night at the age of twenty five I began my journey into the world of the night. A week later I had become the ghoul, or squire as his bloodline knows them, of this man who I came to know as “Wilfried”, my master.

I would then spend the next couple months doing errands for him during the day, and train, as well as learning from him during the night. But I soon grew angry and spiteful of my master when the appearances of his clan starting showing up in me. I wanted to get away from him and return the way I was, but I cared too much about him to leave. He must have noticed my turmoil, because he confronted me commenting about appearance and saying, “You know, I’ve heard that when one door closes another door opens.” He explained that now that I didn’t need to worry about my appearance I could focus my time in improving my skills and my status in this new world I was becoming a part of. And so I did, and there is not a day I am not grateful for what he did for me. I then spent the next twenty years serving my master till one day he invited me to where the members of the Order of Sir Martin gathered. There he brought me before the other member raised his sword and began the embrace. I had finally become a knight. I spent the next year getting my bearings in my new state before moving on as per my sires suggestion. And so I did, from New York I made my way to Boston where I have remain for the past sixty eight years.

Nothing much of interest has happened in the time since I arrived in Boston. Some unruly kindred, some too curious humans, and the occasional werewolf scare. It wasn’t till recently the rise of the new prince caused a bit of a stir in the region. I don’t how it will effect Boston in the long run, but I feel I better keep my guard up just in case. Now I best get going, I need to get to an underground fight going on tonight

Victor Weiss

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