Shadows of Boston

Session 1 - Lucas
"The Night Life"

Tonight started out so average Lux was running fine nothing more than a few missed spots downstairs and a pushy vendor. I guess it all started going downhill when I received a few phone calls letting me know both Simon and Mr.Rosa would both be attending tonight. Lighting my cigarette if I only knew how long this night was going to get.

Session 1 - Roxy
So long, Chicago. Hello, Boston.

So we finally rolled into Boston last night. Ricky (a.k.a. “Renegade”) and I are finally finished with that business in Chicago. I thought about sticking around, but Vincent seems convinced things are getting dangerous for us there. Says the Changelings have started attacking some of our kind. I’m not scared of some pansy-ass elves, but after Lizzie got all messed up in the head, there really wasn’t anything else there for me. We rode out of town three nights ago, stopped at some fleabag motel on the side of I-90, and kept on riding ’til we hit Massachusetts.


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