Shadows of Boston

Session 1 - Roxy
So long, Chicago. Hello, Boston.

So we finally rolled into Boston last night. Ricky (a.k.a. “Renegade”) and I are finally finished with that business in Chicago. I thought about sticking around, but Vincent seems convinced things are getting dangerous for us there. Says the Changelings have started attacking some of our kind. I’m not scared of some pansy-ass elves, but after Lizzie got all messed up in the head, there really wasn’t anything else there for me. We rode out of town three nights ago, stopped at some fleabag motel on the side of I-90, and kept on riding ’til we hit Massachusetts.

Session 1 - Lucas
"The Night Life"

Tonight started out so average Lux was running fine nothing more than a few missed spots downstairs and a pushy vendor. I guess it all started going downhill when I received a few phone calls letting me know both Simon and Mr.Rosa would both be attending tonight. Lighting my cigarette if I only knew how long this night was going to get.

Session 1 - Andrew
Beasts Inside and Out

I was awoken with a stark reminder that from the snobbiest Ventrue to the Primal Gangrel we all must contend with the hungering beast within. That being said I’m grateful for Brianna noticing when I’ve forgotten to eat and bringing a “Large Breakfast”. Once back in the office I was informed of someone that needed my services, after headbutting a few times a deal was struck. I was to find a trucker and an escort that wouldn’t ask a lot of questions about what their moving. It seems luck was on my side this evening as soon after I came across a Gangrel and her ghoul fresh into Boston just a hour into my search.

Session 2 - Delphine
Occupational Hazards

Okay, so my job is a little unconventional. I guess you could call me a Blood Doll Madame.

You see, I help Marco maintain his herd through a legitimate business, an “escort agency”. We supply vessels to the Kindred who are willing to pay for the convenience and the quality. And they are high quality, trained and tested monthly to maintain a pure blood supply for our valued customers. But, as you’d expect, sometimes in our line of work things can get a little… bloodier than usual.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Session 3 - Ricky
I should've stayed in bed

I swear if it wasn’t for the fact that I think Roxy is the greatest thing since putting beer in ice would still be riding the road with my boys in the southwest. It has only been a few days since me and her have gotten here to Boston. And so far I’ve been shot at trying to get us a place to stay. Strung around by vampires that look like they’d faint if a single bit of dirt got under there precious nails. Forced to commit breaking and entering as well as grand theft auto, although I did enjoy that part. But I did not enjoy having to deal with police. Nor did I enjoy getting maced right in the eyes and having to drive all the way back to Boston.

And now that all is said and done Roxy needs to get some of her things from Chicago and have to deal with a jackass who does want to budge on the price of the van she wants. I swear some days I just don’t want to get up in the morning, or afternoon, or whenever the hell time I get up.

Session 1 - Lucas Part 2
"Blood on the Dance Floor"

“Oklahoma” I never thought I would hear those words coming from him but there I stood in the lounge gripped with terror. Simon was hungry and this was not the first time he missed a meal. Thankfully, the club provides. We went through the standard blood in goblet fancy shmancy deal but then Simon said he wanted to be alone. So I close the door go back to the little bar we have downstairs to appease our Deava clientele who still like to enjoy the things they miss from life. Then I see Simon crack his door open I rush over to see if he needs anything and that’s when it happened. “Oklahoma” Its the safe word we use at the club when someone gets a bit out of control and with that I slammed the door closed and use my master key to bolt the outside lock Simon of all people had just lost his cool. Trying to maintain my cool I flag a couple of the young vamps I hired in case things get rough to watch the door and headed to Mr. Rosa’s room as the eldest Vampire in the place at the time I needed him in case Simon got out of the room and from the way the door was starting to splinter it would be to long.

Prologue - Victor
A Night to Remember

As I lay here trapped within this stygian void slowly holding on to the thin crimson threads keeping me tethered to this world, I can’t help but reflect upon how this fate was brought about by my hubris and poor judgement.

It all began as a simple task, ‘investigate into a certain kindred, and if possible capture, if not possible eliminate said kindred’. My newly acquired squire, Adrian, had spent the day before collecting information on how to find this kindred’s ghoul and luckily he had found a lead. It was all we needed to begin our search. His lead brought us to the house of some Irish thugs who were quite rude, but after some ‘persuasion’ they were willing to talk. With a new lead we were on our way assured those fellows would bother us. Upon making it to the meeting up point where the thugs were to meet up with the man we were looking for, we were ready to take him. A single vehicle pulled into the parking lot. But, as I went to approach the vehicle to get a jump on the men inside I am blind sided by a van, only to come and realize, it is being driving by the thugs who told us about this meeting. A fight then broke out, me taking those in the car, and Adrian those in the van. We held them for sometime, but alas the numbers were against us. We should have ran, we should have gotten away the second those thugs arrived, but our pride got the better of us. And it is because of this that the last thing I remember before slipping off into this realm of dark regret is the sight of Adrian bleeding, holding his chest, and slowly making his way towards me.

But, in all of this one thing still bothers me. That guy. One of the men in the car. In all the commotion I felt I needed to find out where the kindred’s ghoul was. So I pulled out one of the men through the window of the car and began to feed. Afterward I found out he had been tipped off and didn’t actually come. But, it was before this that bothered me. When I feed on the man’s blood I began to feel the beast begin to fight. I was barely able to hold it back, but what worries me is I was full of vitae. It should not have happened. Something is not right.

I know not how long I have been like this nor where I may be. But, I fear the longer I remain in this state, the more things will begin to get out of hand in my absence. However, I too feel I must remain like this as a penance for my ill decision to fight when I should been more worried for mine and my squires safety. All I know is this, after the events that have taken place I fear Boston may become the grounds for something big.

Session 3 - Andrew

I was on the Train back into Boston when my phone rang. Brianna had called to tell me the deal I had arranged for Ms.Riggs has fallen through in ways. The truck she was to transport was Stolen the only problem in this was that it had yet to BE stolen. I don’t like it when deals I arrange are altered like this, His men were to have the truck ready and prepared not still locked in a warehouse. I told Brianna to hold off on doing anything while I handled the problem. I Called Mr.Quinin and informed him of his failure to maintain his end of the deal, He thankfully had a business centric mind and a new deal was struck Ms.Riggs and Mr.Anderson were to Steal the truck and return it to Boston For a Heftier fee.

Session 4 - Ricky
Can I get a light already?

Seriously starting to get sick of getting jerked around like this. All was going well…well actually about as well as things go for me and Roxy. I thought our biggest challenge this week was gonna be getting a van Roxy would agree on. Man, could I be any more wrong. That ass who yelled at me when he first met me and Roxy, god, what was his name again. Eh, hell if I care. All I know is he came to us offering another job. Now, had it been another job where we might run into the cops I would have said no. And sure enough it was. But, man, I have never refused a chance to light something on fire. So we get there right, I spend the next ten minutes trying to remember how to make a proper molotov cocktail. And yeah I spilled some gas in the car, but hell, me some slack it’s been a while and it’s not like I had the room to do it right. Anyways, I finally get it right and make a few ready to burn this house to cinders, but then all of a sudden Mister I-Don’t-Know-What-I-Want decides he doesn’t want to burn the place down, but instead wants to go in. So I’m waiting and next thing I know I guy wants to pull a full blown raid on the place and he tells me Roxy is on her way and I need to take his…what is she, his secretary? Whatever. Ether way me and her get back to my place. So there me and…I want to say her name is…Brenda, yeah that sounds right. Anyways, there me and her are when we get a call from what’s his name. Apparently he, Roxy, and a couple others had gotten taken into custody. So now I want nothing more go save Roxy, but instead I’m stuck here playing babysitter to Brittney. I swear, the only thing make this any worse is if we ran our of beer. Wait a minute…GOD DAMMIT! WE’RE OUT OF BEER!

Session 4 - Lucas
"Fresh Pine Scent"

Three upstanding oriental gentlemen came into the club this afternoon. They were pushing your standard protection racket give us cash or we bust up your club. I offered them drinks and invited them into my office, I kindly told them no and they didn’t seem to like that. I asked them who wouldn’t like that and they seemed to think that I didn’t need to know that and got up to leave. I asked them to sit and asked again. “Mr. Chow. We work for Mr. Chow” I then told them if I ever saw them again, I would mail Mr. Chow their fingers and let them leave. Yeah, I normally would have brought them downstairs and had them emptied into blood-bags, and yes this is most likely going to end with them coming back with guns or some stupid crap. But I was to…..euphoric, yeah that a good word for it “Euphoric”. Mr. Hawthorn had rolled up but a few hours earlier with Simon in his trunk, MY SIMON! Yes he is in a vampire coma, Yes he is wrapped in a tarp in the trunk of a car in the garage, but I have him and he is going to stay hidden until this whole thing blows over. I’m invincible again baby and I’ll be damned if I’m going back to taking orders from some mook in a bad suit, No I’m in charge now, and I like it.


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