Shadows of Boston

Prologue - Victor

A Night to Remember

As I lay here trapped within this stygian void slowly holding on to the thin crimson threads keeping me tethered to this world, I can’t help but reflect upon how this fate was brought about by my hubris and poor judgement.

It all began as a simple task, ‘investigate into a certain kindred, and if possible capture, if not possible eliminate said kindred’. My newly acquired squire, Adrian, had spent the day before collecting information on how to find this kindred’s ghoul and luckily he had found a lead. It was all we needed to begin our search. His lead brought us to the house of some Irish thugs who were quite rude, but after some ‘persuasion’ they were willing to talk. With a new lead we were on our way assured those fellows would bother us. Upon making it to the meeting up point where the thugs were to meet up with the man we were looking for, we were ready to take him. A single vehicle pulled into the parking lot. But, as I went to approach the vehicle to get a jump on the men inside I am blind sided by a van, only to come and realize, it is being driving by the thugs who told us about this meeting. A fight then broke out, me taking those in the car, and Adrian those in the van. We held them for sometime, but alas the numbers were against us. We should have ran, we should have gotten away the second those thugs arrived, but our pride got the better of us. And it is because of this that the last thing I remember before slipping off into this realm of dark regret is the sight of Adrian bleeding, holding his chest, and slowly making his way towards me.

But, in all of this one thing still bothers me. That guy. One of the men in the car. In all the commotion I felt I needed to find out where the kindred’s ghoul was. So I pulled out one of the men through the window of the car and began to feed. Afterward I found out he had been tipped off and didn’t actually come. But, it was before this that bothered me. When I feed on the man’s blood I began to feel the beast begin to fight. I was barely able to hold it back, but what worries me is I was full of vitae. It should not have happened. Something is not right.

I know not how long I have been like this nor where I may be. But, I fear the longer I remain in this state, the more things will begin to get out of hand in my absence. However, I too feel I must remain like this as a penance for my ill decision to fight when I should been more worried for mine and my squires safety. All I know is this, after the events that have taken place I fear Boston may become the grounds for something big.



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