Shadows of Boston

Session 2 - Delphine

Occupational Hazards

Okay, so my job is a little unconventional. I guess you could call me a Blood Doll Madame.

You see, I help Marco maintain his herd through a legitimate business, an “escort agency”. We supply vessels to the Kindred who are willing to pay for the convenience and the quality. And they are high quality, trained and tested monthly to maintain a pure blood supply for our valued customers. But, as you’d expect, sometimes in our line of work things can get a little… bloodier than usual.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Last week, I hired a new girl named Daphne. Well, she’s not really named Daphne; we give all the escorts aliases – we’re using plant and mineral names until those run out. Anyhow, Marco and I were taking her to Lux to help socialize her with Kindred when we got a sudden call from Simon Stilinsky. He said he needed blood badly, that he was starving. So I called in Flint, one of our most popular male vessels (it’s a poorly-kept secret that Simon prefers male company, after all).

Everything was going fine until we parted ways with our boy Flint. I dropped him off with Lucas, with the express instructions that blood was ONLY to be taken from his wrist and drained into a container. I’ve spent enough time around the Kindred to know better than to let a starving vampire drink from the tap. But Simon decided that he knew best, and the inevitable happened. Hunger frenzy took hold, and he drained poor Flint dry.

You can best believe that Simon and his sister are going to reimburse us for this mess.



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