Shadows of Boston

Session 4 - Lucas

"Fresh Pine Scent"

Three upstanding oriental gentlemen came into the club this afternoon. They were pushing your standard protection racket give us cash or we bust up your club. I offered them drinks and invited them into my office, I kindly told them no and they didn’t seem to like that. I asked them who wouldn’t like that and they seemed to think that I didn’t need to know that and got up to leave. I asked them to sit and asked again. “Mr. Chow. We work for Mr. Chow” I then told them if I ever saw them again, I would mail Mr. Chow their fingers and let them leave. Yeah, I normally would have brought them downstairs and had them emptied into blood-bags, and yes this is most likely going to end with them coming back with guns or some stupid crap. But I was to…..euphoric, yeah that a good word for it “Euphoric”. Mr. Hawthorn had rolled up but a few hours earlier with Simon in his trunk, MY SIMON! Yes he is in a vampire coma, Yes he is wrapped in a tarp in the trunk of a car in the garage, but I have him and he is going to stay hidden until this whole thing blows over. I’m invincible again baby and I’ll be damned if I’m going back to taking orders from some mook in a bad suit, No I’m in charge now, and I like it.



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