Shadows of Boston

Session 4 - Ricky

Can I get a light already?

Seriously starting to get sick of getting jerked around like this. All was going well…well actually about as well as things go for me and Roxy. I thought our biggest challenge this week was gonna be getting a van Roxy would agree on. Man, could I be any more wrong. That ass who yelled at me when he first met me and Roxy, god, what was his name again. Eh, hell if I care. All I know is he came to us offering another job. Now, had it been another job where we might run into the cops I would have said no. And sure enough it was. But, man, I have never refused a chance to light something on fire. So we get there right, I spend the next ten minutes trying to remember how to make a proper molotov cocktail. And yeah I spilled some gas in the car, but hell, me some slack it’s been a while and it’s not like I had the room to do it right. Anyways, I finally get it right and make a few ready to burn this house to cinders, but then all of a sudden Mister I-Don’t-Know-What-I-Want decides he doesn’t want to burn the place down, but instead wants to go in. So I’m waiting and next thing I know I guy wants to pull a full blown raid on the place and he tells me Roxy is on her way and I need to take his…what is she, his secretary? Whatever. Ether way me and her get back to my place. So there me and…I want to say her name is…Brenda, yeah that sounds right. Anyways, there me and her are when we get a call from what’s his name. Apparently he, Roxy, and a couple others had gotten taken into custody. So now I want nothing more go save Roxy, but instead I’m stuck here playing babysitter to Brittney. I swear, the only thing make this any worse is if we ran our of beer. Wait a minute…GOD DAMMIT! WE’RE OUT OF BEER!



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