David Rousseau


Name: David Rousseau
Concept: Generous patron
Chronicle: Shadows of Boston

Virtue: Charity
Vice: Pride
Covenant: Unaligned

Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Duchagne
Title: Viscount


A well-liked and well-established Kindred, David Rousseau has been a resident of Boston for centuries. While he holds a great deal of power due to his control of the West End (one of the most prime racks in the city), power in and of itself isn’t of any real interest to him. What David enjoys about holding the position of Viscount is the opportunity to expand his network of friends and acquaintances.

His generous nature ingratiates him to many of the city’s Kindred, and in turn, affords him even more resources with which to control his domain. He maintains a loose network of neonates, ancillae, and mortals for this purpose – he is more than happy to delegate responsibilities, and the rewards make an excellent incentive for his people to perform well.

As a member of the Duchagne bloodline, David often finds it difficult to stay focused on a task, and therefore could never manage to perform all of his duties without this outside help. His fanciful nature also makes it difficult to form close, lasting relationships, which is why he doesn’t have a ghoul of his own. He prefers to entrance and enthrall many mortals, enjoying the variety and the thrill of new companions.

Understandably, it came as a shock to many when they heard that David had sired a childe (especially the Prince, who had not given him permission to do so). He claimed it was the result of an accidental overindulgence, that he only acted to save the man from death. Others believe that it was just another one of his many impulses.

While his motives for Embracing will never be certain, one thing is – he has long since grown tired of his progeny. Once the novelty wore off and the responsibility set in, he began to regret his hasty decision. His childe, Aramis, had little interest in mastering the art of Majesty or in helping David further his influence, creating a rift between them. Fortunately, now that Aramis has come of age in the eyes of the Kindred, David can once again partake in his many passions and begin the next chapter of his Requiem.

David Rousseau

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