Shadows of Boston

Session 5 - Victor

The Awakening

Are you familiar with that feeling one feels when they have slumbered for a great amount of time and upon awakening they feel rested and invigorated? I should say, that is far from what I felt when I opened my eyes to this world once more. At first I did not know it it was even really. It had felt like an eternity of reliving moments of my past in my mind, moments that were and moments of what could have been. But through my daze and hazy vision I came to see it was real, I had finally awakened from my prison of fleeting images and fading memories.

I had found it to be thanks to the efforts of a Dr. Savoni that brought me back from the brink, as well as keeping out of the hands of the police and the morticians. Sadly, it seemed my dear squire Adrian did not make it through the skirmish, he shall be missed, remembered, and avenged. He then proceeded to feed me back to a state comfort and inform me as to what has happened since my slumber began. It had appeared I had been in torpor for an entire week. He told me that lately an unusual and dangerous drug had been being distributed around the city, one that a long ago he had a hand in developing and was the reason he was punished and sworn to remain in the hospital he currently resided within. This drug, currently being refereed to as “Edge”, has the effect of giving humans and ghouls Kindred levels of power and endurance, and it also causes the most disturbing effect of breaking the vinculum. And as for Kindred its effects are most vicious, if it enters body in any way it may possibly break the chains that hold back the beast within and throw the Kindred into a frenzy. I has able to stave off the effects, possibly due to a combination of strong will and the unique teachings of my bloodline, I still am unsure. All I needed to know is there trouble going around and I may be the only one who knows it.

Turns out that wasn’t the case. Apparently a group of kindred were being put on trial for being a part of this drug ring, as well as many other crimes such as murder and breach of masquerade. Such crimes would be understandable for the death sentence. However, something didn’t add up. All of the testimony seemed to be aimed at Marco Rosa, a man who while still quite young has been quite useful to his fellow members of the Invictus. But, what was off was while I was still in the hospital I heard his ghoul, Delphine I believe her name was, asking the doctor about the drug going around. If has was responsible for the drugs distribution why would she be opening asking about it. Something was definitely off, and it turns out I wasn’t the only one who thought so. As a figure emerged from the crowd, a figured which turned out to be the Prince himself.

Next thing I knew I was being asked into the back of the church to inform the Prince of what I had happened to me as well as what I had found out. Soon each of the members of the accused was being brought in one by one to inform him as to what they knew and what they believed was going on. Now as Ms. Riggs, oh wait, I believe she wishes for me to refer to her as Roxy, ether way she has been given the title of “Hound” by the Prince and now we are tasked with finding the one distributing this “Edge” and dealing with them as we see fit.

It is a shame that my week long slumber did not leave me well rested, because after an eventful day like this something tells me this is going to be quite a long week ahead of me.



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